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This area is designated for sharing and discussing issues relating to the activities and findings of the CV19MM Project or for sharing related research.

NOTE: Views expressed here do not reflect those of the CV19MM Project, it's findings or of its Management Team.

Contributors are required to indicate the sources of the information they post here or risk having them taken down.
Recent Posts
'I can't get motivated': the students struggling with online learning
As universities shift online, experts worry that disadvantaged and disabled students may slip through the cracks
Published by Rachel Hall and David Batty - 10/5/2020
Naked intimidation': how universities silence academics on social media
Academics are warning that universities restrict their freedom by surveilling social media posts. Wed 12 Feb 2020 07.00 GMT
Published by Tess Reidy - 10/5/2020
If universities shift online, we risk more poorer students dropping out
Universities must introduce extra financial and pastoral support to look after their remote students
Published by Chris Skidmore - 4/5/2020
Interview Questions for Community Researchers
When Interviewing People in Their Networks About Their Reading and Writing Online
Published by Dr Tony Capstick - 1/5/2020
Guidance for Community Researchers
How to Keep a Daily Log-book. A logbook of online chatting
Published by Dr Tony Capstick - 29/4/2020
No campus lectures and shut student bars: UK universities' £1bn struggle to move online
A potential £1bn bill now faces the sector, but the real problem will be maintaining quality for students in a radically altered world this September
Published by David Batty and Rachel Hall - 25/4/2020
to enhance skills within refugee communities to enable them carry out their own
research, in their own languages, to tell their own stories.
participatory research conducted by refugee researchers in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.
powered by @SnrAmoh.
powered by @SnrAmoh
through a pilot project on participatory research methodologies for refugees.
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