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RRSG Researchers Submit LogBook Entries
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These pages are for the Project's Community Researchers to keep a Daily Log Book of their own daily reading and writing online.

Community Researchers are required to keep a Logbook, which is a record, of how they use the internet in their daily lives and share information about Covid-19. Researchers may upload these Log Books regularly onto the website with or without examples of the texts, themselves. The submitted Log Books will be collated for analysis by the Project Team.

The steps for uploading log books to the website are as follows:

Submit Daily Log-Book Record through an Online Form (Available @ www.cv19mm.net/Submit LogBook Records)
Step 1. Please use the Online Form below to record your entries.
Step 2. Once all the required fields have been completed cross-check your entries to make sure they accurately reflect the information you wish to convey.
Step 3. Once you are satisfied, click the “Submit Daily Log-Book Form’ button to send your record.

You will receive an automated email reply acknowledging that your Logbook record has been received. You are strongly advised to keep this email as it is evidence that you have submitted an entry.

1. You may omit anything that you don’t feel like disclosing. You are not obliged to give everything.
2. You may make a diary using the headings provided here for keeping your records.
3. You may use any language of your choice.
4. There is no limit on length
5. You can write as if you are writing a diary.
6. If you are unable to keep your record on a specific day, you can skip that day and continue the following day.
7. Use the last section to submit items you would like to submit along with your entry. You may copy and paste your chat history under #11. You may also attach screenshots of your chats, articles and screenshots from #s12 to 17.
8. Click 'Submit LogBook Record' to send your entry.
9. Restart process to submit another entry.

Click on 'Next' to enter and submit your Logbook entries.

Thank you for your time.

to enhance skills within refugee communities to enable them carry out their own
research, in their own languages, to tell their own stories.
participatory research conducted by refugee researchers in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.
powered by @SnrAmoh.
powered by @SnrAmoh
through a pilot project on participatory research methodologies for refugees.
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