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The CV19MM Project
Covid-19, Migration and Multilingualism Project

Sharing Information Across Languages and Borders
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought linguistic inequality to the fore in globally unprecedented ways and will continue to shape sociolinguistic research agendas for some time to come. This Project is about identifying what types of reading and writing that migrants, refugees and other displaced persons are using with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic and the context in which they are doing so. This can be what they are reading and writing online in social media like Facebook, Twitter, or in blogs, newspapers and/or online news sources like Al Jazeera etc. Read more...
to enhance skills within refugee communities to enable them carry out their own
research, in their own languages, to tell their own stories.
participatory research conducted by refugee researchers in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.
powered by @SnrAmoh.
powered by @SnrAmoh
through a pilot project on participatory research methodologies for refugees.
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