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The People
  • Principal Investigator
    • Dr Tony Capstick
  • Co-investigators & Coordinators
    • Nick Harbone (RRSG)
    • Ben Webster (Mosaik)
    • Dr Fateh Shaban (CARA)
    • Fraibet Aveledo & Carmen America (Simon Bolivar, Venezuela)
    • Project Support
      • Rosy (UoR) - Research Assistant
      • Suzy (UoR) - Research Assistant
      • Bernard (RRSG/UoR) - Project Coordinator & Research Assistant
      • Olivia - Admin
    • Client Research Assistants (CRAs) consist of;
      • Refugees
      • Displaced persons
      • Asylum Seekers, and
      • Researchers
    CRAs constitute the respective Partner Research Teams
    to enhance skills within refugee communities to enable them carry out their own
    research, in their own languages, to tell their own stories.
    participatory research conducted by refugee researchers in Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and the United Kingdom.
    powered by @SnrAmoh.
    powered by @SnrAmoh
    through a pilot project on participatory research methodologies for refugees.
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